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New Kelly Top Drive Valve For NOV TDS - 11

Kelly Valve has designed and manufactured a high quality, competitively priced Upper and Lower TDS-11 Top Drive Valve. These valves were manufactured to provide maximum reliability; minimizing down time and reducing cost.

Benefits to Kelly Valve Upper and Lower TDS-11

  • Spring is in upper seat; having less wear on spring; extending valve life.
  • Replaceable Tuff Met seat inserts; allowing less cost and longer life of the seats.
  • Ability to grease while on top drive string.
The KV-1200 & KV-2200 are manufactured in accordance with NACE and API Spec 7 guidelines.

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 Series ID OD Upper Connection Lower Connection Length (SH-SH) Weight Working Pressure Service
KV-1200 2-3/4" 7-3/8" 6-5/8" Reg RH Pin 6-5/8" Reg RH Box 16-1/4 154 lbs 15,000 psi H2S trim
KV-2200 2-3/4" 7-3/8" 6-5/8" Reg RH Box  6-5/8" Reg RH Box 22-1/2" 167 lbs 15,000 psi H2S trim

* Repairs of the TDS11 Top Drive System
*  Repairs of the Upper and Lower TDS11 Valves used on the TDS11 Top Drive System
*  New TDS11 Upper and Lower Valves
*  New Replacement Double Ball Valves and Actuators used on Tesco Top Drive at competitive prices
* New Saver Subs of all sizes

KELLY VALVE also repairs:
*  Hydraulic HCR Gate Valves
*  Manual Gate Valves
*  Upper and Lower Kelly Valves
*  Inside BOP Dart Valves 

In addition, we offer new valve replacement, and purchase is available for any of the above mentioned equipment.

OEM overhaul and repair is very important to us here at KELLY VALVE.

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